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They are very as light at the Neos yet at the same time feel awesome, as they have the various padding highlights

Reviewing The Hockey Shoe

His stick apart, a field hockey player’s next most critical bit of hardware is his shoes, the shoes gives the player  the capacity to move with speed and deftness on the pitch. Be that as it may, what are the BEST field hockey shoes for a serious player?

Best Women's Field Hockey Shoes

As per our most recent information Ascics are the most famous decision for female hockey players on a universal level with 47%. Adidas came in second at 27% with Nike at 13 % and Dita at 5 % the rest being comprised of different brands.

#1 ASICS Women's Gel-Hockey Neo Turf ShoeBest Womens Field hockey shoe

These are a superb decision for any aggressive player, and they made it to #1 on our rundown for ladies since they are an awesome blend of lightweight development and strength. These shoes offer Asics trademark gel padding framework for both the rear area and forefoot zone, giving incredible solace that will outlive different types of padding. These are a particularly intended for ladies field hockey players on engineered turfs with magnificent footing on the base of the shoe they will enable you to make sharp turns and stops without loosing your hold on the pitch. these shoes are worn by experts everywhere throughout the world and in addition at a club level. These shoes will outlive others with fortified areas around the forefoot and a solid external surface of the shoe which won't wear simple in spite of substantial scraped spot that is normal in field hockey.

#2 ASICS Women's GEL-BLACKHEATH 5 Field Hockey Shoeasics ladies' field hockey shoe

Our #2 decision is likewise from Asics and is indeed a shoe particularly made for field hockey. The BLACKHEATH 5 are likewise a manufactured turf shoe however would reasonable preferable on the grass over the Neos due to their grasp design so we would suggest these shoes for players that for the most part play on the astro turf yet now and again have a hit or keep running on the grass. Somewhat less expensive field hockey shoe yet similarly as phenomenal and solid as #1.

#3 Adidas Hockey Flex II Women's Field Hockey Turf Shoeadidas ladies' field hockey shoe

Our number 3 pick is the Adidas Flex 2, an extraordinary light weight field hockey shoe to be utilized on engineered turfs. Adidas have give a remarkable footing framework here for awesome turning capacity for any point you need to move you feet on, they will react. They principle reason the Flex shoe doesn't make it to the #1 or 2 spot is the padding, Asics gel framework is unrivaled extra minutes, this being said Adidas' back and mid-foot padding framework is magnificent. What we do truly adore about these shoes to is the trademark AdiWear surface that makes the outside of these shoes exceptionally tough simply like the Asics models which is awesome. The exact opposite thing to consider with these field hockey shoes is they do have a work material around the highest point of the toes which assists with ventilation, something the Asics don't have, so these might be an incredible choice if you're hoping to decrease sweat-soaked feet!